Fine Art graduate a winner in Freelands Painting Prize

Adam Charlton (b.1999, Swansea, Wales), a.k.a. @blackmaggit, is the third winner of the annual Freelands Painting Prize.

Adam graduated from Swansea College of Art earlier this year. His work is sensitive, playful, and contemporary: “searching for the light both physically and emotionally”.

Adam Charlton’s winning entry

In a recent interview Adam said of his process: “My mission each time I go into the studio is to go boldly into the unknown. The initial inspiration for each piece came from memories of walks outside alone, then responding to the first marks of colour laid upon each canvas. Each piece was a balancing act combining painting from memories with pure painting, taking the opportunity to experiment expressively for the first time on a large canvas.”

Adam is inspired by isolated walks, listening to urban sounds, referencing memory and the present moment. His lyrical, quirky works are visually energised through a confident manipulation of the paint. He thrives upon dealing with the unknown, the risk, the fluid dialogue created between the mind and the paint.

Adam’s work, and that of the other entrants is on display in Regent’s park, London, Thurs-Sun 12-6pm until 20 November. Entry is free.

To read more, visit the Freelands Foundation page.