Welcome to swansea.art, the official virtual platform for the Fine Art: Studio Site & Context course at Swansea College of Art, UWTSD. Here, we are showcasing students work and their various projects throughout the year. This is an opportunity to show how we function within our studios, our teaching environment and particularly how all our students experience various collaborations and projects that are often not seen by the public.

Each student is encouraged to celebrate their hard work and commitment through a series of curated shows, utilising a wide range of media. Here at Swansea, we aim to encourage a community of critical thinking and culturally aware students, where our studios are places of no boundaries, no compromises and no arrogance. Debate, context, history and the now are discussed, to inform and stimulate students’ work. There is no hierarchy of medium, and so flexibility and experimentation are paramount.

We believe in the relevance of fine art as essential, for a healthy, informed and inclusive society.

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Sue Williams

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