Amber Louise Marsh

Marsh’s practice explores introspection and emotional processing through the lens of the landscapes that surround her. Through a combination of watercolour, drawing, photography, and the creation of books, she documents emotional connections with found objects, views, and ephemera that cross her path as she navigates through new locales and experiences.
Marsh’s curiosity about the past, combined with a profound interest in connections and relationships guides her artistic exploration. She finds solace and calmness in spaces that foster reflection and works with the concept of psychogeography.

In her recent work, Marsh explores the creation of natural pigments from a variety of sources that reflect marine and arboreal environments. This experimentation with materials such as shells, dried seaweed, and seawater opens up new avenues for understanding the impact of materiality on artistic outcomes.

Marsh’s work is an invitation to explore the depths of our connections with the world around us, encouraging the viewer to see beyond the surface and appreciate the interactions that define our existence.