Anastasia Sevcova

Anastasia’s art practice centres on finding harmony amidst chaos by observing everyday life and objects. Drawing and painting from life are integral to her process, allowing her to connect with her subjects and express herself.   By capturing the universal experience of being present in the moment and exposing the gaps in our perception of mundane reality, Anastasia creates pieces that resonate with viewers on a deep level.   In her recent series of small oil paintings titled “Meat n’ Bones,” Anastasia explores the ambiguity of existence through still-life featuring animal parts, bones, and organs. While these subjects represent a life source and source of pleasure for humans as food, they also remind us of the brutal reality of death.  Anastasia aims to capture both the beauty and horror of this duality in her paintings, highlighting our complex relationship with the natural world. In the “Meat n’ Bones” series structural attractiveness of bones and colourful texture of meat cuts contrasts with the cold background of dissecting surfaces.