Angelika Mika

Angelika Mika (Poland) is an artist passionate about the unconventional gelling of traditional techniques of painting, sculpture, installation and photography. In her artistic and life practice, sustainability plays a principal role.

For this installation, Mika has chosen to combine organic materials such as plants, dried flowers and handmade organic powders alongside found objects, detritus and reusable mediums as soap and wax.

Her choice of materials reflects her commitment to climate crisis as well as questioning the role of an artist in our contemporary times. In her research and family observations she highlights the disturbing phenomenon of the slow enslavement of man by ubiquitous technology and thus absolute disconnection from nature, community, place and time. Through her practice, Mika strives to rethink the impact of this occurrence on individual, human sensitivity and sense of humanity.

Her recent work questioning the relationship to nature in era of capitalism, technology and existential crisis. Her works aims to shock, intrigue, amaze but also invite a spectator to participate and become a part of it. Angelika believes her works contribute to re-sensitizing the viewer, questioning the true values as well as to social change in context of environmental crisis.