Celyn Lewis

Celyn Lewis is a Fine Artist who enjoys creating artwork based on everyday objects that are used through her day to day life. Acrylic paints and canvas are the two main materials that she uses in her work projects. She creates still lifes of these objects and uses the medium of acrylic paint to capture the still life onto canvases of different sizes. For Celyns recent project she has focused more into the collection of different perfume bottles that she owns. She takes the empty bottles that she has collected and paints them white to take away the brand of the perfume so that she is left with only the shape of a bottle. Throughout this series of work she has been experimenting with coloured lights by shining them onto the white perfume bottles which she then photographed and then later painted from the photographs onto various sized canvases to create a series of these paintings. Celyn is currently working towards incorporating smells like perfume into her work to create the illusion of perfume being sprayed.