Ishrat Subhan Eva

Ishrat Subhan Eva is a Bangladeshi artist who creates sculptures which are wearable along with drawings. Her work explores the aspects of culture, religion and its positive and negative effects in one’s life. Feelings, Emotions, dilemma of daily life and its struggle which her works are inspired by. She uses fabrics which are used by her or close friends and families which are connected to her; along with silver steel wire, wool, and different types of threads.

Ishrat’s current collection is about her experience with growing up in a multi-cultural and Islamic environment. She attempts to capture the thoughts and feelings and tries to express the unspeakable moments through her sculptures by photographing herself with wearable sculptures. The entanglement of relationship with her faith, culture and constant war between negativity and positivity which revolves around them are the reason behind her work which are represented through her sculptures using abstract method.