Iulia Hulea

Iulia Hulea (b. 2001) is a Romanian mixed media artist. She graduated from “Nicolae Tonitza” Highschool of Fine Arts with a diploma in Artistic Techniques and is currently studying Fine Art: Studio, Site and Context at the Swansea College of Art at UWTSD. Iulia works with various mediums, such as watercolours, acrylics, ink, thread and textiles, wood, and ceramics, but her preferred ones are watercolour and ink, since they allow her to work more freely, her intentions and feelings always being the centre of attention. In this sense, her work is mostly figurative, but not without keeping certain abstract characteristics. With artists like Edvard Munch, Kiki Smith, and Jia Sung as her primary inspiration, Iulia’s creations are mysterious and mystic, their main focus being the relationship between herself, her body, and the world that surrounds her. As both an artist and poetry writer, there is a certain lyricism that can be observed in Iulia’s works, from the way details flow to the way her subjects sit on paper. Often full of colour and hidden meanings, her works become mazes that the viewer is encouraged to navigate and interpret based on their own experience.