Jasmine Star

Jasmine Star is a bilingual fine artist and writer who utilises English and Welsh within her work in order to speak to a broader network of themes that include sexuality, queerness, the body, and the femme. She glorifies and enhances the microcosms of her interpersonal relationships by creating works that vary in scale, from delicate handwritten pages to installations that encompass larger spaces and rooms. Her recent works have included a variety of photographic methods – Polaroid, film, digital – that have been used in order to depict scenarios of candid intimacy. Oftentimes, she will layer these images with text to explore the narrative of the dynamics and context behind them, conscious of her stance as a queer woman and the complex histories of the community that her existence is built upon. Reds and pinks make up the majority of her colour palette. By choosing them she is aware of their connotations – a certain kind of overtly feminine vulgarity – and thus reclaims them in a way that speaks to a gentle and affectionate love.