Katie Richards

“Painting is an intuitive expression of the essence of things, created by the heart and visualised by the soul. My art is my story from which to start a conversation.”

The work that is created by this abstract Multi-Media artist reveals her ethereal connection to nature, being especially inspired by the oceans. She explores the energies, colours and beauty in nature through painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video and digital manipulations. By responding to the visible and invisible marks that are left on the natural world by humans, her inspiration comes from collected objects, memories and emotions. Her art evolves, through the use of different mediums, into unrecognisable forms and shapes that reveal both the discord between nature and humanity, and the harmony in the elements of organic beauty. Her use of strong vibrant colours reflects her passion for seeing the immensity of the world with the inner-awareness that is heartfelt. She challenges the viewer to see the dynamism that exists when the biorhythms of mind, body and emotions are in harmony with the external world – energy that is positive and uplifting – but sometimes exposing the negative energies created through conflict between humans and nature. Like the sea, her art is powerful and exhilarating, yet evokes a sense of stillness and silence, replicating the perfections and imperfections of the natural world, and reflecting her inquiring and complex mind, challenging the viewer to see and understand an unfolding story within her artworks.