Redhab Al-Saab

Since the beginning of Redhab joining the foundation, she has been exploring the different aspects of art and experimenting with many types, motivating her to discover more and more. Personal experiences shape and develop her art. Through her art she can express herself, and her deepest emotions. In her work she has experimented with many different types of medium and texture and she remains motivated to experiment with more. She has noticed that since the start of the foundation, and through her years of study she always returns back to expressing herself through Abstract Expressionism despite her experience with all the different types of art. She finds herself always depicting elements of Arabic culture in her work consciously and subconsciously. She found that through abstract expressionist art she can best represent her personality. Arabic letters, Arabic texts, and warm colours are an essential part of her art and her artistic personality. What she tries to achieve in most of her work is to add content, depth, themes and most importantly meaning. She believes that by giving her work meaning it will captivate the audience.