Sarah Grossey

Sarah’s artwork is an expressionistic view of her own perception of reality. She is a conscious thinker. Sarah focuses a large proportion of my work on sustainability and nature, how she envisions and becomes more aware of her environment and health. In this she considers herself a conservationist. Her artwork has been diverse, and now she finds herself gradually progressing and finding her feet in speciality. In recent sculptural works from clay and resin, covering topics of death and time, the correlation between the two and the scars they leave on the landscape. She briefly delved into the discussion of history and music, the correlation between the two, particularly the likes of Rastafari and reggae. This in the form of sculpture and sound. Her current preferred medium is painting, sculpture, and photographic processes with her ongoing venture to perfect natural pigments, most of which she attempts to forage for. Creating earth pigments and natural dyes which can eventually be turned into useful forms of paints, similar to watercolours or gauche. Sarah’s ongoing goal to create a sustainable supply of natural, ethically made paints that work as well as what we are commercially used to. There is a beauty within this. Meaning that the work Sarah produces will not live beyond her lifespan, as the paints and mediums she encourages to use will decay back into the earth, just as she will. It has an expiration date. This questioning of permanence is an ongoing subject. Alongside this, Sarah finds great interest in her personal relationship with the seascape, feeling a pull towards the ocean regularly. This concept of passing of time, how we impact the environment, ourselves and those around us. She enjoys incorporating writing and film. Attempting to create mesmerising imagery, in an attempt to generate discussion and questioning about the impact we have on our personal and shared spaces. Fragments of life and nature. Sarah’s standpoint is often from a position of compassion and awareness. A subtle form of activism you could say.