Stella Hubbard-Smith

Picture for a moment that you are in a gallery full of images depicting the most important moments of your life. Ask yourself, how would the images look? What colours would be most present, what feelings? Would the images be distorted, or clear? Would there be people in these images, or are they empty? Every choice, every detail, is important as this is your creative makeup. This is ever-present in the work of Stella Hubbard-Smith, a Welsh artist who specialises in digital mediums such as photo manipulation, digital painting, and film. Their practice depicts disrupted images and non-human figures which illustrate a warped personal narrative. Identity and context are perhaps the two most relevant elements of their work, as they both drastically shape the direction of a piece. Each image possesses the millions of moment that let up to that point, but all the viewer gets to see is the destination, leaving the true meaning lost to time.