Can We Start Again?

May 22, 2021 - June 22, 2021
Composed by third year students from Swansea College of Art, ‘Can we start again?’ is a final year degree show that features work by 16 students representing the accumulation of 3 years of practice. This exhibition highlights the eclectic differences and similarities between many varying artworks that are created within one singular year group.
The name ‘Can we start again?’ could be considered as a vague portraying of current events, yet also represents a variety of meanings that aren’t just attributed to contemporary days. Works that are included within the exhibition span from a range of media extending from sculpture, photography & painting. The work formed is an amassment of ideas that have built up from different locations of practice; home and studio. From physical solitude to online togetherness this exhibition navigates a strange time with an overflow of artistic ideas and context. This show truly illustrates the weirdness of now and the eccentricity of an assortment of artworks.

See the contributors.

Artwork by Emily Eeles

“Discarded Peonies” by Emily Eeles

Artwork by Ellie Day

“Intense But Done” by Ellie Day

Artwork by Casey Stewart

by Casey Stewart

Artwork by Belinda Golding

by Belinda Golding

Artwork by Ariel Tunay Jr

by Ariel Tunay Jr

Artwork by Africa Olle

“Not What I Wear” by Africa Olle

Artwork by Zoe Mills

by Zoe Mills

Artwork by Sarah Matthews

by Sarah Matthews

Artwork by Rachel Norman

by Rachel Norman

Artwork by Phoebe Taylor

by Phoebe Taylor

Artwork by Owain Sparnon

“Intertwined” by Owain Sparnon

Artwork by Megan Rogers

by Megan Rogers

Artwork by Lucy Woodrow

“Heavy Isolation Series (3)” by Lucy Woodrow

Artwork by Lottie Rowlands

“TV Dinner” by Lottie Rowlands

Artwork by Karen Golding

“Giving the Responsibility of Your Health to Someone Else” by Karen Golding

Artwork by Isabella Horrillo Bula

by Isabella Horrillo Bula