Ariel Tunay Jr

Ariel Tunay Jr’s work includes drawing, painting, sculpting, text and installation. He fearlessly draws and explores the natural elements on different mediums and components.

Ariel enjoys exploring peculiar, repetitive places and visionary words. The power of art lettering and the written word introduces a significance amount of attention, and hunger for what it symbolizes and its meaningless truth. These poetic words are simultaneously representational, conceptual, dynamic and a response to visual performances.

Drawings and painting represents freedom, taking control of the mind and meditation – where words define space and time. They also value fairness and understanding the form of its language. It can cause a lack of knowledge and unity, but in these words he intends to use structural force and rising tension, utilizing the negative and positive shape and images.

Art and text decipher a combination of the visual moment of things and nothingness; words and feelings; twilight night and morning star. As if rain descending from the moonless skies and clouds departing with all its lies. His words are either painful or pleasant to write and read because words present a thousand endings and are forever fascinating, but also denotes to a never-ending peace. They can aim in any direction – leading to their final meaning – while focusing upon his own reflection, that may burst or secure his perception.