Artwork by Belinda Golding

Belinda Golding

Belinda is a multidisciplinary artist working across performance, walking, drawing and video.

The core of her practice is the immersion with nature where she feels the most comfortable. The works take the form of distance and time measured walks and by challenging the traditional use of a canvas by placing it directly onto the earth, allowing natural materials to create marks and traces recording time, place and memory. The canvas is also used as a prop during  performative gestures that take place along the walks inspired by rich imagery within Celtic mythology, suggestive of theatre. Belinda wants to leave an open space for the viewer to create their own dialogue and narrative in response to her work.

Research is informed by what it means to be human, shared human conditions and emotions and drawing from her own embodiment of life experience. Belinda is excited to extend her practice further with an intrigue and curiosity into capturing light and new perceptions under water.