Artwork by Ellie Day

Ellie Day

The public acts as the driving force for Ellie’s practice as she provides a spotlight to moments in conversation that would otherwise go overlooked. Ellie presents phrases, derived from the different situations we individually find ourselves in, through a range of mediums. One recent experimentation explores the combination of traditional painting methods with digital additions. Ellie explores ways in which she can use paint to convey the layers of conversation we hear on a daily basis – perhaps not a conversation we are involved in personally, but rather surrounded by.

Writing sentences within layers of paint to replicate sound travelling through the atmosphere, she aims to translate the varying volumes and prominence of certain words and phrases that we may pick up on. The bold sentences at the forefront of the paintings represent something that the listener would hear close up, whereas the words and phrases that are masked behind surfaces of paint are whispers of sound in the distance. Ellie’s intention is to direct focus towards the mundane and the every-day within conversation.