Artwork by Lottie Rowlands

Lottie Rowlands

Family is a vital aspect of Lottie’s work as she chooses this as a leading theme the majority of the time. Painting those with whom she is closest to, she feels a great connection to the portraits, which she hopes can be seen in the final works. Portraits in general are always extremely personal, they challenge the viewer to contemplate the existence of another, transporting the viewer to a different mindset of thought and empathy. Portraits often leave very little physical information about the subject; viewers are encouraged to fill in the gaps themselves. Lottie sees herself in constant collaboration with the viewer. What the viewer sees becomes part of her work, making it no longer her own: it is now a shared piece.

Lottie continues to explore humans and emotions further, choosing to paint children frequently. Children have a far less guarded outlook on life, their emotions truer and showing more vulnerability. Her ambition is that we can interpret such emotions through her practice.